It’s Pickleball for Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh

Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh announced today that they are exploring an expansion league for Pickleball and accepting applications for Commissioner.

The new Commissioner will be responsible for forming the new league and program including building the schedule, finding and securing the permits for local courts, and promoting the new league.

Pickleball, a paddle sport, is swiftly growing in popularity. Blending elements from tennis, badminton, and table tennis, the game is played on a scaled-down court with a lowered net. Players, ranging from two to four, employ sturdy paddles to volley a perforated plastic ball across the net. The game’s hallmark is its accessibility, appealing to individuals of all ages and proficiencies. What distinguishes pickleball, even more, is the breakneck speed at which its popularity is soaring, as enthusiasts flock to this sport for its accessibility, communal magnetism, and the potential for adrenaline-pumping showdowns.

Pickleball leagues have been established with Stonewall Sports chapters in Boston, Charlotte, Detroit, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Norfolk, and Salt Lake City.

The proposed Pittsburgh league will start in Spring 2024. The deadline to apply for the volunteer Commissioner position is October 1, 2023.

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