Introducing QWellness

A health and wellness newsletter presented by Central Outreach Wellness Center and QBurgh.

We are pleased to introduce QWellness, a monthly LGBTQ+ Health and Wellness newsletter.

We believe that there are two things that are vital to one’s wellbeing:

  1. Access to healthcare
  2. Access to information

As leaders in those two respective fields, Central Outreach Wellness Center, the largest LGBTQIA medical clinic in Pennsylvania, and QBurgh, an LGBTQ publication and media company, are pleased to launch this partnership to service and provide focused health and wellness information for the LGBTQ Community through the monthly QWellness newsletter.

QWellness will detail medical updates and important health information affecting the LGBTQ Community as well as the health and wellness resources and opportunities available to them. The newsletter will spotlight local events and feature two unique columns in “Ask Central Outreach” and “Sex”, the only sex positive column in Western Pennsylvania. It is our belief that no question is off limits and that by being comfortable discussing sex and sexuality we can improve both the overall physical and mental health and wellbeing of our LGBTQ Community.

Be sure to subscribe below and watch your mailbox each month for our exciting newsletter.

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QWellness is a health and wellness newsletter for the LGBTQ+ Community brought to you in partnership between Central Outreach Wellness Center and QBurgh.