Governor Wolf to Veto Anti-Trans Bill

Within hours of the press conference introducing an anti-trans bill, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced that he would veto any such bill should it reach his desk.

Lyndsay Kensinger, press secretary to Governor Wolf, said “The governor has been clear – hate has no place in Pennsylvania, and that includes discrimination. Any legislation designed to deny opportunities to certain children is both disturbing and dangerous. Trans youth should know that they belong, that they are valued, and that their participation in school activities is welcomed.”

On Monday, five Republican Pennsylvania State Representatives introduced their dangerous bill targeting transgender children. The legislation would ban trans children from school sports. The bill would have school officials charged with grading a student’s sex in order to play sports, through genital exams or blood work.

Republicans hold the majority in the PA State House, 111 to 92 Democrats. With the Governor’s announcement the bill is unlikely to pass and a veto override is implausible.

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