Knotzland Bowties

Knotzland Bowties

303 S. Trenton Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States


Over 10.5 million tons of discarded textile waste ends up populating landfills every year. Most of these fabrics are polyesters and other synthetic blends that are not biodegradable – think water bottles. The scary part is that while fashion is fast, textile production is neither quick nor easy. Fabric goes through several different channels – design, material production, manufacturing, distribution, and transport; mostly things that we don’t even think about when buying our favorite piece. These stages have a devastating impact on our environment, and Knotzland is here to save the day! 

We take the best in textile discards and reuse them to recreate stylish accessories that everyone loves! – Bowties. In doing this, we are vastly reducing the disposal of fabrics that may otherwise be deemed unusable and ultimately end up lying around and polluting our environment. To date, we have rescued over 3,000 pounds of textile waste, and 2,394 of it (and counting) has already made it’s way to their new home on the necks of our fabulous customers!

We understand that creating the textile has already been done, so why not get the most out of it by reducing the effects of its afterlife? Why not commit to extending the life of things that already exist? Hey, we even have our customers sending in fabric to create ties out of their once cherished garments! -It’s a movement.