Brewer’s Re-opening with Continued Gift Giveaway

Brewer's Hotel and Bar is kicking off the New Year with more generosity.

Brewer’s Hotel and Bar is kicking off the New Year with more generosity. On (re)opening day, Brewer’s will continue their holiday gift giveaway that they held on Christmas Day.

Gifts and presents had been donated and collected all year long and over 80 people were able to receive some of those gifts on Christmas, an annual tradition for Brewer’s. But because of COVID-19, all bars and restaurants were closed for the past month.

On January 4th, reopening day, Brewer’s will continue to hand out the remaining gifts from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM to anyone who shows up and wants one, no questions asked, first come first served. We could all use a gift to ring in the new year after surviving the last!

COVID-19 precautions will continue to be in place. Please wear a mask and socially distance. A food order is required for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Thank you again to Brewer’s Hotel and Bar for their continued generosity to the LGBTQ Community.

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