Annual Brewer’s Holiday Giveaway Continues

"I’m gonna find a way, whatever I have to do."

Despite COVID-19 and almost canceling, the Brewer’s Hotel and Bar continued with their annual tradition of handing out gifts and hot meals this Christmas. This year, more than 80 meals and presents were given out, no questions asked, to whoever showed up.

Often billed as the “oldest gay bar in Pittsburgh”, current owner Carol Held was determined to find a way to continue the annual giveaway. “I’m like nope. I’m gonna find a way, whatever I have to do,” Carol told KDKA.

Carol’s father, Andy Usner, the original owner of Brewer’s, started the tradition of caring for the LGBTQ Community by housing those with HIV and AIDS on the upper floors of the bar during the 1980s, often feeding them and helping to pay for their medications.

Thank you Carol for continuing to care for and support the LGBTQ Community of Pittsburgh.

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