Akasha L. Van-Cartier Crowned Miss Blue Moon 2023

Akasha L Van-Cartier is crowned Miss Blue Moon 2023. Photo courtesy of Blue Moon Bar.

With a packed crowd on a rainy and cloudy Sunday night in Pittsburgh, the Blue Moon Bar in Lawrenceville shone as bright as the sun as Akasha L. Van-Cartier was crowned Miss Blue Moon 2023. Akasha is the first person of color to win the title of Miss Blue Moon.

In a social media post, Akasha said “I need to thank Andrew Henderson for providing us all with a home away from home and a safe space for us to be the best misfits we can be.”

Akasha praised her fellow contestants. “[They] all looked and did amazing. To see so much talent in one building was so intimidating and mind-blowing. I know that Pittsburgh will be in good hands with the future of drag.”

Van-Cartier thanked Phoenix Fatale, Miss Blue Moon 2022; her LeStat and Van Cartier drag family; Sam Green-King and Brody Stitt for help with her winning looks; Dixie Surewood for making her musical mix; and Margaret Halo, Kat De Lac, Jeremy Creamer and the judges.

“Stay green, stay growing, and always remember love looks better in color,” Akasha told QBurgh.

Congratulations to Akasha. Long may she reign.

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