Agnes of WandaVision

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 1 Poet Gidlow

 5 “Sodomy” musical

 9 Heroic tales

14 Anderson Cooper’s area

15 “All ___ “ (1984 Tomlin film)

16 Almost ready for the tooth fairy

17 Hopeless cases for Dr. Torres

18 Unbending

19 “Three Tall Women” writer

20 Milestone for a couple

23 Copland capability

24 Prefix with town

25 Hotel customer

27 Mistakes for Fosse

30 Made use of

33 Toon canine Scooby-___

36 Frida’s wrap

38 Gambling city

39 Start of what Agnes said it would take for her husband to remember 20-Across

42 Home extension

43 Inserts a balled up hand

44 Brando’s “Apocalypse Now” locale

45 Broadway composer Jerome

46 Boy Scouts sleep together here

47 Ellen DeGeneres and others

49 Derisive laugh

51 Hit the sheets with

52 End of what Agnes said

58 Weapon of Caesar’s day

61 Not once, to Lord Byron

62 Go to and fro

63 Improvise, like Robin Williams

64 It can help you hold your liquor

65 Bargain sign at Barneys

66 Filmmaker Pier ___ Pasolini

67 Art Deco name

68 First mate’s pair


1 Come as far as

 2 TÈa of “Fun with Dick and Jane”

 3 Former Steeler Lynn

 4 Statistic for Sue Bird

 5 Mr. Katz, in a Lanford Wilson play

 6 Out and then some

 7 Don of radio

 8 Change labels

 9 Buffy, for one

10 Letters on the Internet

11 Third persons in threesomes?

12 Sailing the South Pacific

13 He may have crystal balls

21 Up on, with “in”

22 Most vocally homophobic, e.g.

26 Balkan dweller

28 Conroversial word, when used after “sexual”

29 Greeted and seated

31 “___ at time!” (Twosomes only!)

32 Mores from which to deviate

33 Bone separators in the back

34 When to have sex

35 “SNL” alumna

37 Over and done

40 Cause of a run in a drag queen’s hose

41 Washed-out

46 Pro ___ (acting)

48 Ukrainian seaport

50 “I vant to be alone” actress

51 Glenn once of the Dodgers

53 Letter opener

54 Fool around

55 Like Dick Tracy’s wrist radio

56 Church section

57 Does a head job?

58 Suck the energy from

59 Palm Pilot, e.g.

60 “Xanadu” band

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