There IS An App For That!

Need to check calories on a meal you’re having at a chain restaurant? Want to watch movies, television or listen to music from your device? There are apps for that!


What about an app to help members of the transgender community find a safe bathroom? TranSquat is an app created by Billy Bolt, a transgender man to help alleviate fears with regards to anti-transgender violence and discrimination in public restrooms.

Currently available for iPhone users; it can be purchased via iTunes for $2.99. The app allows people to find gender-friendly public facilities in the area they may be in.

TranSquat is powered by Safe2Pee, a genderneutral database that includes over 400 cities such as Toronto, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Portland. The app is even used as far away as Kuwait City.


Out for Health also has a bathroom app for the transgender community; it’s called Pee in Peace and was developed by Maureen Kelly the twenty year partner of a transgender individual. This free iPhone app is available through iTunes for those in the Ithaca, NY area looking for comfort and safety in a public environment.


Want to have a little fun while you’re in the bathroom? Why not download the ever popular iFart app? Even if you’re just in for a little tinkle, imagine the fun you can have with other patrons by letting them think there’s an explosion about to erupt from the stall you’re in!


Another app recently launched is called Wing Ma’am, developed by Ariella Furman who is also known for founding Impulse, an LGBT women’s party in Pittsburgh that happens once a month at different venues around the city. Furman, a Philadelphia native has lived in Pittsburgh for that last two years and with the success of Impulse has taken things a step further with this dating app for lesbians. She said the inspiration came from a friend who was upset that there wasn’t a version of Grindr (dating app for gay males) available to the lesbian community.

Wing Ma’am (for iPhone and Android systems) was created to be a guidebook for LGBT women looking to date, make friends and to be aware of events in her city. The GPS technologies for the app allow users to see nearby gay women, this would include approximate feet distance from the user. Hot Spots sort check-ins for those wanting to know what bar is the most popular for that evening; it shows ratings and number of check-ins.

Users are also able to use this app to easily create their own social events and blast the announcement to every LGBT woman in their city. It can be anything from a book club event to a cocktail hour, meetings or charity events.

This free app is available now and will be advertised in Pittsburgh, Seattle and Boston but it’s available everywhere! Wing Ma’am Plus is also available for just $4.99 monthly allowing members access to a few additional features.

Oh, and don’t worry boys, there are still plenty of dating apps in addition to Grindr out there; check out Scruff, Grun-t or Planet Romeo and for all your bear lovers try Growlr or Bearwww!

Modern technology in its continually evolving state has brought many conveniences to our lives; no one knows this better than owners of smartphones, tablets or an iPhone. Whether powered by Android or Apple, there really is an app for that!

Karla Doolittle is a mother, wife, writer, artist and advocate. Residing in Regent Square with husband Devon, a professional singer, artist, advocate.