Gay Alternatives Pittsburgh has always worked toward the establishment of a permanent social center and organization headquarters for gay people in Pittsburgh. This long held goal seems to be more attainable now than ever before. However, any center, where Gays of all types can meet others in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere will be a failure unless it meets the needs and interests of those it hopes to serve. Similarly, it will not be successful unless it receives support, financial, material and moral from a broad spectrum of the gay community.

In an effort to guage the wishes of the community in so far as the type of activities that would be of interest, in preferences as to location, and opinions on the degree of visibility with which the community will feel comfortable, GAP is printing a survey in this issue. It is hoped that everyone interested in a community center will take time to fill out the survey and mail it to: Community Center Survey. P.O. Box 10236, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15232, or bring it to the Saturday evening Gay Coffeehouse at the First Unitarian Church. It is important that everyone who has some thoughts or input on the subject participate


In order that GAP, which realistically has a limited membership, is able to get a cross section of views. It is also important that we receive some indication of whether or not there is a need and a desire for such a center since it cannot possibly be sustained without wide support. The types of activities desired are needed to give basis for estimating space requirements and formulating an architectual design.