Straight Talk? Not!

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1 First two quarters of a Miami Sol game

 5 Lily Tomlin, for one

10 Mary had a little one

14 Declare firmly

15 Big name in refrigerators

16 Sharif of “Funny Girl”

17 Paris, to Debussy

18 Jocks’ antitheses

19 Adriatic seaport

20 Start of a quote in the news recently

23 Aflame

24 Summer for Bonheur

25 Straight, for a fuzzy navel

26 Pester persistently

28 Neckwear for the well-hung?

30 Route for a jet

32 Oil containers

33 More of the quote

35 Hollywood canine

36 Bas reliefs of Lincoln

37 Affairs in the evening

39 “Gay ___ Sutra”

43 End of the quote

46 Worked the hayfields

47 “Le Monde” article

48 P-town’s Crowne Pointe, e.g.

49 In difficult times

51 Gay partner, in slang if not law

53 Shaft output

54 Exclusion of gays from the military, e.g.

55 It requires several G-strings

56 Source of the quote

59 Proof part

60 Come together

61 Mine, to Verlaine

62 WWII gun

63 Cicero’s father

64 Go down (on)


1 Estate for Frida

 2 Earhart and others

 3 Cry from the closet

 4 Ukulele neck detail

 5 Dugout items

 6 Long O, on Lesbos

 7 French Revolution figure

 8 Memorial Day race, briefly

 9 “Les Miz” list

10 Arcing shot from Mauresmo

11 Dental compound

12 “Measure for Measure” role

13 “War Requiem” composer Benjamin

21 Kinsey Scale heteros

22 You can serve your meat this way

27 One with a home in Nome

29 Type of hit on Broadway

30 Composer Thomas

31 “The Bell” author Murdoch

33 “Chicago” producer Neil

34 From the top

36 Like a wall picture of a hottie

38 Miss in a Cole Porter song

40 Tallulah Bankhead’s home

41 Explosive force unit

42 Deep throat tissue

43 Comes too quickly

44 To some extent

45 Takei of “Star Trek”

46 Kiss from Kahlo

49 Old hat

50 Phallic fish seeker

52 “Once ___ a Mattress”

53 Skip past

57 “Bambi” doe

58 Batman portrayer Kilmer

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