Stonewall Uprising 52nd Anniversary

Today marks the 52nd anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. The origin of Pride.

In 1969, the Stonewall Inn gay bar on Christopher Street in New York City had become home for the most marginalized of the LGBTQ Community — the “street kids” and housing insecure, the hustlers and “flame queens”, queer and trans people of color. To them this was their home. When it was raided by police who roughed up lesbians and made arrests of those not wearing gender-conforming clothing, they fought for their home. Shot glasses, garbage cans, bottles, and rocks were thrown. “You’ve been treating us like shit all these years? Now it’s our turn,” remembered Sylvia Rivera.

Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera — central figures of the Stonewall uprising and founding members of the Gay Liberation Front.

One year later, the first Pride march — the Christopher Street Liberation Day march — was held on June 28, 1970 beginning the annual tradition of marches, parades, and events in celebration and solidarity of the LGBTQ Community in June.

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