Stonewall Sports Kickball Hosts Friends and Family Day

Faces & Places April 24, 2022

Photo by G Michael Beigay

Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh Kickball hosted their seasonal friends and family games on Sunday, April 24. Music, pizza, and beverages were available during a beautiful, sunny day of 14 games. Central Outreach Wellness was on hand to support the league and provide testing and information for the health and wellness of the Community. Current league standings after Sunday’s games are below.

Photos by G. Michael Beigay

League standings after Sunday, April 24 games:

The Cream Puffs55003811275.0
100% That Pitch4400410414.0
Kick Me Baby One More Time4301217143.5
The Misfits4301217143.5
Scissor Kickers53114630163.5
Rubber Busters43104621253.0
Ball In The Family43103313203.0
Real Hot Girl Kicks4211181172.5
Cleated Queens42203710272.0
Looking To Score4112252142.0
Scarlet Pitch41211023-131.5
Ball Me Maybe31201121-101.0
Bunt Cakes4130732-251.0
Field of Queens41301735-181.0
Natalie’s Onlyfans4130851-431.0
Sit On My Base3021812-40.5
Free Agent Friends4040728-210.0
Party on Kick Ave40401337-240.0
Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe4040243-410.0
THE FLAMINGOS4040647-410.0