Shame on local TV stations for not covering pride events

I recently moved back to Pittsburgh after living in New York City and southern Florida. The last pride festival I attended in Pittsburgh was over 10 years ago and consisted of a couple hundred people walking through Shadyside to Mellon Park. But what a wonderful experience this year’s PrideFest was! Although not as big and involved as a larger urban center’s celebration, I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout and activities.

        However, imagine my disappointment when tuning in to the local news (on WTAE Channel 4 and KDKA Channel 2) and not seeing anything regarding the gay pride march and festival. Nothing! They spent hours the same week on Big Ben’s motorcycle accident, but did not show a parade and festival that thousands of people supported and enjoyed.

        Shame on those news desks for not considering a gay pride march worthy of the evening news. I hope Pittsburgh’s gay and lesbian community will voice their outrage to the local media, as I did. 

        And to the Three Rivers PrideFest Committee: Keep up the good work!

Scott Ridenour