QBurgh Files Intent to Dispute Delta’s Ownership of “Pride”

On Tuesday, QBurgh LLC, the publishing company of QBurgh.com, filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office a request for an extension of time and registered its intent to oppose the trademark application for “Pittsburgh Pride” by the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh, Inc. The extension was granted by the USPTO. Anyone, including QBurgh LLC, has until October 23, 2021, to file an opposition.

“Pittsburgh Pride has been celebrated by the Pittsburgh LGBTQ Community in varying forms and fashions since 1973, long before the Delta Foundation ever planned their parties. Pittsburgh Pride has been planned and hosted by many different organizations over the course of 48 years including, but not limited to, the PGH Equality Center (then known as the GLCC) and the Three Rivers Pride Committee. The Delta Foundation and the people behind this trademark attempt have no business claiming ownership of Pittsburgh Pride,” said Jim Sheppard, co-creator of QBurgh.



As previously reported, the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh is attempting to trademark “Pittsburgh Pride”.

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