Pittsburgh, PA Oct. 7, 2010- The Pittsburgh Gay and Lesbian Community Center is showcasing some amazing emerging talent this month on its walls in the continued effort to support and bringing the LGBT community, Fine Art community together with the community at large.

Leah Bevilacqua is a local emerging artist and has an MFA from Duquesne University.

Leah utilizes mixed media, digital manipulation with photography. The process involves removing figures from their original context by appropriating the image to emphasize ambiguity and subtleties. The intent is to challenge family systems and contest the status quo.

More work can be seen at:


Jon Howe lives in Brighton, United Kingdom and has an MFA from the University of Washington, Seattle.

Using the repetition of carbon paper and referencing the visual syntax of a graphic novel, Jon attempts to form a new meaning for these drawings, comprised of archived imagery.  Providing an accessible context for emotionally disruptive and confrontational images, they become part of a contrived fantasy or an iconographical enlargement embodying the circumstances of an unspecified encounter or a fictional biographical narrative.

Jon’s work is based upon a view of the world, framed by own behavior, activities and their cultural dimensions – especially seen through the lens of human vulnerability, identity and other dilemmas of the individual.

More work can be seen at:


Gemma Allan is from Inverness Scotland, UK.

Gemma creates geometrically abstract compositions using a rhythm of color and shape. The canvas swirls with cells that evoke deep feelings and a contemplative mood. The circle is most universal and primal of forms. The circle is spiritual illustrating wholeness, truth and perfection. It is limitless without beginning or end it is pure spirit. The multitude of circles work together in harmony. The image becomes a living organism, a symphony that expresses inner life; the process of healing and growing.

More work can be seen at:


Plus a few other artists from the world wide LGBT community will be on display.

Exhibition runs from: Sunday October 7th  to November 28.

Gallery Opening: Friday October 7th 6- to 9pm

The opening is free and open to everyone.  Refreshments will be served.

Pittsburgh Gay & Lesbian Community Center provides the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) individuals, their families and supporters in Western Pennsylvania with resources and opportunities to promote visibility, understanding and equality within the LGBT communities and the community-at-large and is located at 210 Grant Street in downtown Pittsburgh.