Neon Hitch

British singer/songwriter Neon Hitch will be taking it to the streets of Shadyside on Friday, October 24 on Ellsworth Avenue for a Halloween spooktacular “Nightmare on Hellsworth.” The appearance is part of the queen of gypsy pop’s “Yard Sale Tour,” her latest single about letting go of the past.

In 2012, her songs, “F U Betta” and “Gold,” co-written by Bruno Mars, both peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart, and Hitch has been making a big splash in the music scene. It’s been quite the journey.

When Hitch was a small child, she traveled around Europe by caravan with her family. She even joined the circus. By the time she was in her teens, Hitch was trained as a trapeze artist, fire swinger and stilt walker and had performed all across Europe.

Hitch is infused with the gypsy spirit, and she is enjoying her tour. She said, “Traveling is all I’ve ever done. I am a traveler. So being on the road is home for me.”

She has fond memories of the American cities she has toured. Hitch said, “I love every city for different reasons. I had a wild time in Chicago. I love playing New York, because I have so many friends there. The same goes for LA. I’m always down for an adventure and I love hitting up new cities.”

She added, “Being on tour is always my favorite experience. Being on tour with Gym Class Heroes was some of the best days of my life!”

The singer/songwriter has eclectic taste. She said, “I love the Beatles and The Spice Girls, mainly. I also love Dolly Parton, Nelly Furtado, Sia, Erykah Badu, Edward Sharpe and anyone with a quirky voice and strong message.” She cites Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” and “Am I Wrong” by Nico and Vince as her favorite songs.

When asked about choosing one of her own songs as a favorite, Hitch replied, “That’s an even harder question because each song is an expression of a different emotion I was feeling at the time. All of my songs are my babies so I can’t really favorite a baby!”

Ultimately she chose but, “Midnight Son” from “Happy Neon,” but she also loves “Gypsy Star” from “301 to Paradise,” and she can’t wait for us to hear the titular song “Eluetheromaniac” from the eponymous album.

Neon’s debut album, “Eleutheromaniac,” is slated for a 2014 independent release, but you can hear cuts of it on Ellsworth Avenue. She said, “I’m not sure I’ve ever been to Pittsburgh before. I need to be shown a good time.”

Hitch added, “We’ll make this one to remember.”

Nightmare on Hellsworth is October 24 on Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside. Put on your Halloween costume and dance to the gypsy star.

Michael Buzzelli is a stand-up comedian and sit-down author. As a comedian, he has performed all around the country, most notably, the Ice House, the Comedy Store and the Improv in Los Angeles. As a writer, Michael Buzzelli has been published in a variety of websites, magazines and newspapers. He is a theater and arts critic for 'Burgh Vivant,’ Pittsburgh's online cultural talk magazine. He is also a Moth Grand Slam storyteller and actor. His books, "Below Average Genius," a collection of essays culled from his weekly humor column in the Observer-Reporter, and his romantic comedy,  “All I Want for Christmas," are on sale at Amazon.com. He is working on a LGBTQ romantic comedy called, “Why I Hate My Friends.” You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter. (He / Him / His)