Longtime bartender Bobby Evans dies at age 53

  Longtime local bartender Bobby Evans died April 22 after jumping from the roof of the Real Luck Cafe in the Strip District. A member of a crew working on the nearby 16th Street Bridge told Out he saw Evans jump from the building between 2pm and 3pm that afternoon. He was 53 years old.

        Over the past 30 years, Evans was a popular bartender at several gay bars in the city, including the House of Tilden, the Venture Inn, Travelers, Pegasus and the Brewer’s Hotel. For the past 10 years, Evans worked at the Real Luck Cafe and often stayed in a room above the bar, according to Real Luck co-owner Nancy Pribich.

        “Bobby was very proud of what he did and was the best bartender I ever had,” Pribich told Out. “He could mix the fanciest drink in just the right glass as well as serve you a shot and a beer.”

        Pribich recalled that Evans was just 17 when the two met while both of them were just coming out, and they remained close friends for nearly 40 years. “When we traveled together, people thought we were married,” she said. “Everyone thought we were in love.”

        “He was funny, kind, lovable and did not have a mean bone in him,” Pribich said. “[But] Bobby was distraught for many years and frequently talked about killing himself. He never wanted to be old, and he was haunted by a tragedy in his family from years ago,” she added.

        In addition to his friends, Evans is survived by four brothers, a sister and two nephews. Evans wished to be cremated and to have a party in his remembrance in lieu of a funeral service. A celebration to remember Evans was held at the Real Luck Café on April 27.

        “He was my closest and dearest friend,” Pribich said.