LGBTQIA+ Lives protest 941 Saloon

The 941 Saloon on Liberty Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh covered in "Black Trans Lives Matter" signs after the protest. Photo credit Dalen Michael

A protest, organized by TransYouniting, True T Pittsburgh, and others was held in front of the 941 Saloon on Liberty Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh this afternoon because of the racist dress code policy that was suddenly implemented by the owner.

About 150 – 200 attendees stood in front of the bar, which previously identified as a well-known gay bar, with shouts and chants of “If we don’t drink, no one drinks!”

For about two and a half hours the group fighting for freedom and equality chanted, sang, and danced in a show of unity across the LGBTQIA+ and Black Lives Matter spectrum. As the crowd began to disperse, they placed their signs on the store front of the 941 Saloon as a reminder of why they were there. The group promised to return.

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