Leia Way LeStat & Alexa Van-Cartier Crowned in Ohio

Leia Way LeStat & Alexa Van-Cartier. Photo courtesy of Ohio National Showgirl.

This past weekend, Pittsburgh queens Leia Way LeStat and Alexa Van-Cartier won the Ohio National Showgirl pageants. LeStat was crowned Ohio National Showgirl At Large 2023 and Van-Cartier as Ohio National Showgirl 2023.

The Ohio National Showgirl pageants are preliminary pageants for the National Showgirl Pageantry system. Both LeStat and Van-Cartier now qualify for the National Showgirl Pageants this September in Orlando, Florida.

Indi Skies, also of Pittsburgh, reigned as Ohio National Showgirl 2022.

Congratulations to Leia Way LeStat and Alexa Van-Cartier.

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