In Solidarity

Lt. Governor John Fetterman


I’m honored to recognize our LGBTQIA+ community during this month-long celebration. I’m grateful for your vital role in Pennsylvania’s history, and for your efforts toward creating an inclusive and compassionate future for the commonwealth.

During this important month and all year long, we reject the hate and ignorance used to marginalize vulnerable people. No matter how you identify, you have a right to equal and fair treatment, and your elected officials have the responsibility to fight for those rights for you.

In Pennsylvania and beyond, we must continue to work together to push for anti-discrimination laws until the message is perfectly clear: no person can be treated differently than someone else just because of sexual orientation or gender identity. From our troops to our pulpits, members of the LGBTQIA+ community deserve the same protections as any American in every circumstance.

I will remain your advocate as we work toward that goal, and I will be your friend in the celebration of Pride Month. Have fun, stay proud, and stay safe.

In solidarity,
John Fetterman
Lt. Governor