HRC Delivers Letters of Support for ‘Respect for Marriage Act,’ Senator Toomey’s Staff Refuse to Receive Them

Volunteers delivering letters to Senator Pat Toomey. Photo by Drew Medvid.

On Wednesday, the local arm of the Human Rights Campaign delivered thousands of letters of support for the Respect for Marriage Act to Senator Toomey’s office in Downtown Pittsburgh. The Respect for Marriage Act is legislation that passed the House of Representatives this summer as a backstop in case the Supreme Court would overturn Windsor or Obergefell in the future.

Volunteers from across the Pittsburgh area shared their stories of the value of marriage equality. Included were stories from those who married after the 2015 Supreme Court decision, those who are getting married in the coming months, and a pastor who shared the importance of religious freedom in recognizing marriage equality. All urged Senator Toomey to vote for the Respect for Marriage Act.

With a confirmed appointment to deliver the letters to Senator Toomey’s staff at 1:00 pm, volunteers were made to wait 30 minutes in the lobby. After waiting, security informed those gathered that they would not be seen by Senator Toomey’s staff and no one would be coming down to the lobby to receive the letters. No reasoning was provided for the refusal.

Volunteers left the boxes of letters with security in the lobby.

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