Grindr’s Ride America Tour Straddles Pittsburgh’s P Town 

If the last week has been a testament to the Pride Season 2024 in Pittsburgh, it’s been a hot, hot, HOT season celebrating love, community, and acceptance. 

With the Season well underway, many of within the community are shown new companies and resources that are here to help engage with the needs of the community. Whether news-related or medical, companies from all over come to showcase how they can better our lives. And one of those companies, my fellow lovelies, is – Grindr. 

Love it or hate it, Grindr has a chokehold on the LGBTQ Community (no pun intended; I mean hey, if you are into it). Oh, to hear those conspicuous dings and rings from the app, and the occasional headless torso; nothing quite screams Pride more. 

Stopping at ten cities across America in honor of their 15th Anniversary, Grindr is helping their users perfect their smile for their online profiles; treating guests to a busload of goodies, giveaways and so much more.  

On board, Grindr hosted two on-board self-service portrait photography studios, along with Grindr swag, highway hunks, and local drag queens offering plenty of laughs and entertainment while you put your best smile forward. 

However, Grindr is on a mission to not only make their users look good, but also feel good. Partnering with Q Care Plus, guests were able to discuss healthcare options specifically targeted towards the community from PEP, PrEP, doxy-PEP, HIV, and STI testing. 

Q Care Plus is a one-stop shop for easy, virtual visits with expert providers, HIV and STI testing for PrEP users, and PrEP and doxy-PEP prescriptions delivered to your door. Even better, most patients pay $0 for their visits, labs, and prescriptions. 

Held outside of P Town Bar in Oakland on Tuesday night, Grindr’s Ride America Tour Bus was a sight to be seen. The Tour Bus was the main attraction, with beats from Donna Summer and David Aude being heard from blocks away, to portraits being snapped by Chad Isaiah and company (I even got in on the action). 

But most importantly, I was able to discuss with Jake Smith, the Senior Marketing Director at Q Care Plus, the “overall importance of having these safe spaces for members of the community” while providing “care without a barrier”. 

The Grindr Rides America Tour stop in Pittsburgh was by far a success, helping to round-out the Pride Season in Steel City with a bang. Or, in this case, a very nice tap. 

A transplant from NYC, Aaron always had a passion for helping and supporting the community in any way that he can.  Aaron hopes to bring to Central Outreach a sense of fun and laughter, but also compassion and empathy for all that are in need.