GAP has room for you

The various functions GAP sponsors are detailed elsewhere in this issue. These functions are carried on by volunteers concerned with getting the gay community together in every way. If you have some spare time and would like to put it to good use helping your sisters and brothers, come to the next community meeting. GAP has a steering committee form of administration which tries to coordinate other committees rather than rule them. People of all ages, races, religious and economic backgrounds , of both sexes, have been involved with the various aspects of GAP simply because they have a common goal … they want to make the gay lifestyle a better one. By simply attending, you can consider yourself a GAP member … the extent to which you get involved is up to you. Besides ad-hoc committees formed on a temporary basis to deal with specific issues, there are six standing committees you can get involved with: Political Action, Social, Publicity, Legal Action, Finance and Education.