Becoming Through Sound LLC

Becoming Through Sound LLC

1124 S Braddock Ave, Suite A Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States


We are a music therapy private practice which has a vision to foster opportunities for healing, wellness, empowerment, community, and social justice through engagement in music psychotherapy, gender affirming voicework, and trainings/workshops. Our aim is to provide culturally sustaining and liberating music therapy services and to provide space for professionals to learn about and explore gender affirming voicework through education and access to information.

Becoming Through Sound LLC currently offers individual / group music psychotherapy sessions as well as gender affirming voicework sessions and workshops to children, teens / adolescents, adults, and older adults. We provide a collaborative space where we can foster ways of living that bring you healing, joy, and peace, even as you might be processing difficult and painful experiences. In our work, we believe that we are in constant states of becoming better and more authentic versions of ourselves, if we allow ourselves to do so. Our practices aim to be queer/LGBTQIA+, body, polyamory/consensual non-monogamy, BDSM/kink, disabled, neurodiversity, and gender affirmative as well as anti-racist.