Dear Costa: Undress for Success?

Chrissy Costa is a Pittsburgh-based stand up comedian, who has graced you with her virtual presence to answer all your lez-lady, queer-loving dating inquiries.  Need some advice? Send your questions to DearCosta@queerpgh.com.

Dear Costa,

I have a crush on my boss… there’s not much else to say here. I know it can’t and shouldn’t go anywhere because that would ruin our working relationship, but I can’t stop thinking about her inappropriately during meetings.This may just be wishful thinking here, but maybe she thinks the same about me.  Regardless, I don’t think either of us could ever pursue the topic. How do I deal, Costa?

Undressed for Success?

Photo by: Mara Rago

Dear Undressed,

The question you may wanna ask yourself is, “how badly do I NEED this job?”  If you decide food and shelter trumps hunger and homelessness, then keep your panties on, sister. Crushes come and go and you’re not even certain she feels the same. There’s nothing wrong with a little fantasy, however, and if those inappropriate thoughts get you through another mundane meeting, or keep you looking forward to Mondays, then that alone is success.

Signed, Costa