Build a ‘gayborhood’ on city’s North Side

 I know Pittsburgh has its fair share of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. So why don’t we have our own neighborhood?

        Here are some interesting points:

        1. Gay pride day will be held again this year at Riverfront Park on the North Side.

        2. The Andy Warhol Museum has gay-themed exhibits and events. Where? On the North Side.

        3. The Eagle and True are located where? On the North Side.

        4. Some of the area’s most historic houses are located where? On the North Side.

        So why not rebuild the North Side on North Avenue near the Garden Theater?

        The Garden may be seedy, but with some extra care, the theater could be used by the Pittsburgh Lesbian and Gay Film Society for its film festivals (or better yet, all year ’round); the group could have its offices there. Bring in some gay-themed entertainment (music, concerts, comedy, plays, etc.) as well as some lectures.

        Fix some of the buildings, open up bookstores, coffeehouses, restaurants or even a decent gay bar or two. Fix up some houses and they can be livable.

        I can see it now: Allegheny Village.

Rick Aubrey