Brewer’s Christmas Tradition Continues

Brewer's Bar exterior during renovations during the summer of 2021. Photo source Google Maps.

Brewer’s Bar on Liberty Avenue is the oldest standing gay bar in Pittsburgh and, in 2021, they are continuing their long-standing tradition of serving Christmas dinner and distributing gifts to all who come through their doors this evening.

Brewer’s will be open from 3:00 pm this evening until 2:00 am. Dinner will begin at 5:00 pm and everyone will receive a gift, no questions asked.

The current owner of Brewer’s, Carol Held, continues her father’s tradition every year. Andy Usner, the original owner of Brewer’s, started the tradition of caring for the LGBTQ Community by housing those with HIV and AIDS on the upper floors of the bar during the 1980s, often feeding them and helping to pay for their medications.

Thank you Carol for continuing to care for and support the LGBTQ Community of Pittsburgh.

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