Annual Film Festival Screens Over 60 Films with ‘Reel Diversity’

Downtown, North Shore, Squirrel Hill, even on the CMU campus—we’re queer, we’re here, we’re all over town!

But that’s not an official slogan for the 17th annual Pittsburgh International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival; the theme for this year’s event, scheduled for Oct. 18-27, is “Reel Diversity,” a title chosen to reflect the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered images in more than 60 films and videos being screened.

And they’re being shown all over town: In addition to last year’s venues—the Harris Theater, the Andy Warhol Museum screening room and the Squirrel Hill Theater—this year the festival adds Breed Hall in the Margaret Morrison Building on the Carnegie Mellon University campus. Plus, preparations are underway for four special post-film parties. The festival committee is out to take over the city in a big way!

Moviegoers will enjoy a lineup that includes: Circuit party boys who do more than dance; a heartrending ’80s coming-of-age road movie about a boy and his gal pal; a spicy Spanish group looking for love and sex in the same wrong places; a Carmen—make that Karmen—whose aria was too hot for Senegalese censors; films about pioneers in the gay rights movement; “French Kisses” from a young Canadian curator who promises a collection that’s “sexy, sweet, sassy and saucy”; special programming for the under-21 set, gay parents and their children; and, of course, those shorts that both men and women want to get into!

Don’t miss out: Diva, Screen Queen and Cheap Thrills passes and tickets go on sale Oct. 4. For more information, call 412-232-3277 or visit the Web site at www.pilgff.org.