Podcast Episode 3 with Guest TJ Young

TJ Young, a black and queer playwright right here in Pittsburgh, joins Jim and Jason on the February 2021 episode of the QBurgh Podcast. TJ’s show “No. 6” will be streamed by the Indiana Repertory Theatre March 11 through 28. You can also catch TJ watching kids movies and commenting on them on his podcast, Grown Men Watch Kid Sh*t where ever you get your podcasts (search GMWKS).

Photo courtesy of TJ Young.

Show notes, news and events referenced:

  1. Jason is officially the co-host of the QBurgh Podcast.
  2. Nominate the QBurgh podcast and QBurgh writers for Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best of the Burgh ’21 by visiting qburgh.com/nominate and qburgh.com/writernominate
  3. Dr. Tyler Titus, the first out and proud trans elected official in Pennsylvania is running for Erie County Executive.
  4. Stonewall Sports Bowling’s winter season is under way.
  5. Maude’s Paperwing Gallery opened in Millvale.
  6. AuStella Pet Parlor
  7. Central Outreach has the COVID-19 vaccination and an app to get you scheduled.
  8. Alora Chateaux will be appearing on the HGTV series “Design Star: Next Gen”
  9. Guest: TJ Young – a queer and black playwright right here in Pittsburgh (he/him). TJ’s upcoming show “No. 6” will be streamed by the Indiana Repertory Theatre Match 11 through 28. Tickets available at IRTLive.com. TJ’s podcast, Grown Men Watch Kid Sh*t is available anywhere you get your podcasts, search “GMWKS”. Find TJ on Instagram and Twitter at @tjwritesgood. TJ-Young.com
  10. “Free Britney” movement and the documentaries covering her conservatorship.
  11. We’re Here series on HBO Max.
  12. Drag Race – did you know there are Drag Race fantasy leagues?!
  13. Event: Gay 4 Good volunteering with Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers
  14. Event: Steel City Stonewall Democrats Endorsement
  15. Event: Brewer’s Has Brunch!
  16. Event: Drag Queen of the Year pageant.

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