QBurgh Summer 2023

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Pride, Never Stop

I came out when I was 17 years old in 2004. It feels like a lifetime ago. This was an era marked with increased homophobia and transphobia. George W. Bush

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Never Act In Fear

Happy 5-0 Pittsburgh!! Amazing that it’s been 50 years since the first celebration of Pride! I am in awe and wonder each time that I have reached back into our

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Gayborhood? Theyborhood?

Visitors from other major cities may be curious where Pittsburgh’s “gayborhood” or centralized area of the highest number of LGBTQ establishments and population is. While Pittsburgh does not have a

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Pursue Your Happiness

Greetings: It is my pleasure to join with QBurgh to welcome everyone gathered for the 2023 Pittsburgh Pride Month celebration. William Penn founded our Commonwealth on the principles of fairness

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Live Your Truth

Happy Pride! I’m looking forward to celebrating Pride this year with so many of you in Pittsburgh and throughout the state. As the first out queer woman in the PA

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I Want to Take You to a They Bar

Gay bars have been a staple of queer culture for decades. There, queer folk could connect and explore themselves beyond the scrutiny of cisheteronormativity of the day, finding camaraderie among

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The L Word: Pittsburgh

Imagine a space filled with women; all dancing, laughing, conversing. These women are lesbians, so lots of conversing I might add. A place where even for only a few hours,

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Wrap It

Pride Month, for members of the LGBTQIA+ community in Pittsburgh, signals the unofficial start of the Summer season, with events lasting all month long.  The young, wild and free come

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Gender Affirming Care

Gender affirming care is something that non-trans people may not be familiar with, but for those in the trans community it can be life-saving. Missouri’s Attorney Governor recently established an

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Let’s Get Physical

Things are getting sporty in Pittsburgh. The Stonewall Sports franchise – and its parent organization, Stonewall Alliance – is sweeping through the LGBTQ+ community all over Allegheny County. They have

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Steel City Sports

Stonewall Sports isn’t the only game in town. There are the Steel City leagues, softball and volleyball and more.   The Steel City Softball League began in 1981 and remains the

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Enthusiastically Yes

Picture this – you’re out on a dinner date, and your date holds the door for you; they pull out your chair, they take your coat, and most importantly –

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Comics Are So Gay

Superman has a boyfriend! Superman’s son, Jon Kent/Kal-El, grabbed a sleek, updated version of his father’s costume and began fighting crime. He took his father’s mantle when Clark Kent, the

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Hockey is for Everyone

In 2008, Mike Marisco and Adam Knoerzer met on the ice. The two cis-gender gay men were both living in New York City and playing hockey with the New York

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