Hugh Lane Wellness Launches Behavioral Health and Crisis Supports Across Southwest PA

Over the last four years, Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation has been providing nimble need-based services to raise health, cultivate joy and connection, and reduce isolation in LGBTQ+ communities in Western PA and beyond. Now, with at least 451 anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced across the nation, Hugh Lane is partnering with funders to tackle LGBTQ+ health equity with a slate of community wellness services for LGBTQ+ individuals and families of all ages.

Photo courtesy of the Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation.

Thanks to cornerstone support from Staunton Farm Foundation, Jewish Healthcare Foundation, and Allegheny County, Hugh Lane is excited to announce the expansion of:

  • Peer Community Health Supports to connect LGBTQ+ people experiencing challenges to needed medical and behavioral health care services;
  • Group Behavioral Health Interventions to increase resiliency;
  • Crisis Intervention Supports to improve LGBTQ+ mental health outcomes;
  • Whole-Family Support Interventions to resource LGBTQ+ families of all stripes;
  • Needs-Based Programs like legal aid, food, housing support, and other basics;
  • Training for agencies and businesses to reduce LGBTQ+ bias and discrimination.

“Hugh Lane is hitting the ground running to break down some of the biggest obstacles for trans and queer folks – barriers to services that keep us from receiving the health and social supports that we need to thrive,” said Sarah Rosso, Executive Director of Hugh Lane. “With this expansion, our team will create innovative opportunities and new entry points to work with our communities who are up against increasing challenges.”

Photo courtesy of the Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation.

Since 2020 Hugh Lane has intentionally grown, more than doubling our team. This expansion of services will allow us to add 5 new pivotal roles, increasing our current staff of 22, all of whom are LGBTQ+. Our team will be working across our expanded service locations in the North Side, East Liberty, Beechview, Washington, and Erie, presently.

With these services and the opportunity to consult with the Departments of Health and Human Services and businesses throughout the region; Hugh Lane’s services will be able to reach thousands of additional LGBTQ+ individuals and families during this critical time.

Says Rosso, “No matter what attacks come, Hugh Lane will be here raising health with our LGBTQ+ communities.”

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