Planet Q June 1997


We acknowledge that this image is difficult to view but it remains an important piece of the Western PA queer history. The experience for the local LGBTQ+ community – witnessing the nationwide terrorism of the KKK and experiencing it firsthand at home in the late-1990s – forces us to rethink queer activism’s origin stories. While this image is jarring, it was and still is a very real problem in the LGBTQ+ community. This kind of thinking is dangerous and a threat to the safety of an entire community of people.  While it is hard to see, we feel it is important to keep the community informed not only to recognize the trauma that so many have endured, but also to make it known so that current members in the community can stay safe.

For more context/history, click here: (again, QR code, PDF, Linktree for those who want the additional context)