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Cuddle Social + Silent Disco

May 25 @ 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Dive into the ultimate social experience, where genuine connections thrive in a space designed for safety and comfort! If you’re looking for acceptance, if you’re seeking connection, or if you simply enjoy the idea of a community of safe touch, you’re in the right place.

This safe space provides opportunities to meet new friends; connect with partners in a soulful new way; and be part of a warm, safe, and huggable tribe. You are guaranteed to have a memorable and magical experience!

Remember, Touch is NEVER a requirement to participate!

Throughout the event, we’ll delve into topics like consent, safe touch, and communication tools, ensuring a space where everyone feels empowered and respected. You may experience an increased sense of well-being and belonging, a boost in compassion and playfulness, a decrease in blood pressure, and a better night’s sleep.

🌈 All genders, orientations, individuals, groups, and couples are welcome.

Discover the joy of genuine human connection in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere – far from the hustle and bustle of noisy bars. Whether you’re a seasoned cuddler or a curious newbie, this event is for you. And guess what? Touching is never mandatory! Come to connect or simply watch and soak in the vibes!


A cuddle social is a space curated to create a safe atmosphere to connect with others. It starts with an opening circle and workshop in consent where you learn to feel into your own body and practice saying “Yes” and “No” without any expectations. We teach how to respond in a safe way to verbal and nonverbal communication and how to empower ourselves to be better at communicating with others, including learning neutral body language.

Then we move into an open practice, where you can choose how you want to connect with others or with yourself! There will be many options for relaxation activities in a soft, cushiony space. And of course, the silent disco, where you can put on sound-canceling headphones that offer 3 different moods. Feel free to relax in stillness or dance it out! Read into your body and do what feels right to you.

Some ways you can “cuddle” (always with explicit consent for each request):

  • Eye gazing
  • Mirroring through hand movements
  • Talking or listening to others and holding space
  • Journaling, drawing, or listening to music
  • Cuddling a stuffed animal
  • Sitting in the “Solo Salon” where no one will disturb you
  • Joining the “Connection Corner” when you want help making connections
  • Hugging or leaning on someone’s shoulder
  • Playing with someone’s hair
  • Hand or shoulder massage
  • Laying back-to-back
  • Joining a massage train, spoon line, or bear den
  • Come up with your own ideas!


A silent disco is the perfect fusion of connection and movement – a match made in cuddle heaven! Choose between three different music channels to find your beat! Take off the headphones when you want to talk. It’s a great space for introverts to jam out!

The headphones feature color-coded stations—blue, green, or red—on your headphones, so you can spot fellow groove enthusiasts. You get access to a pair of sound-cancelling headphones with your ticket and you can even make musical requests!


6:00 PM – Registration begins
Note: doors close at 6:30 PM. No one will be admitted after 6:30 PM. Please text Crystal at 412-368-2409 or Trisha at 814-969-9418 if you are running late or the doors are locked.

6:15 PM – Opening Circle
Enjoy relaxation activities, meditation, communication exercises, cuddle etiquette, and our voluntary cuddle lab.

7:30 PM – Cuddle Lab & Silent Disco Begin
Grab a snack! Make a friend! Relax! Meditate! Dance!

9:15 PM – Closing Circle
Fond Farewells and goodbye hugs if we want them!


We offer abundance pricing using the PWYC (Pay What You Can) model. We recommend between $25 – $45 for this event but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Choose how you want to support us!


🧸👚 Bring your comfiest, cuddliest attire and anything that makes you feel safe. Pajamas or stretchy pants are common. Make sure your outfit covers your torso and bottom. Stuffed animals and onesies are welcome! Snacks are more than welcome, but leave the intoxicants at home – this event is all about pure, wholesome connection.


Laughing and crying are welcome. Being quiet. Asking for touch with neutral body language.

No short shorts or nighties please. No heavy perfumes or cologne. No alcohol or intoxicants. No excessively loud conversations. No touching anyone without a verbal yes for each touch request, even if you already had an interaction with that person.


Cuddle socials are platonic safe spaces. We do not promote shame around having feelings in your body, but we do strive toward platonic connection at all times in the cuddle space. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you can move to a different area or snack area, or exit the social altogether.


Consent Angels are volunteers that have been through consent and cuddle training and help co-create a safe cuddle environment. These folks will be easy to spot throughout the event and you can come to them at any time for assistance (even if they look busy!). They will also be keeping an eye out for consent mistakes and will kindly help folks learn the best ways to create a safe space together.

🌟 Together, we’ll co-create community guidelines to foster a warm, safe environment for all. And remember, your safety is our priority. If you feel like leaving at any time, just notify one of the hosts or angles so we know you are safe.


This event is hosted by Crystal of Cuddle Pittsburgh in collaboration with Trisha from 3rd Place.

Crystal is an amazing human who is healing the people around her. She has been doing cuddle socials in Pittsburgh for the past 6 years and is continuing to grow the consent-forward community.

Trisha is a passionate queer community builder who loves creating unique and memorable experiences. After the pandemic, she has been trying to rebuild communities in new ways that strive to connect people more than ever. She started 3rd Place to promote events that help connect, educate, and grow the communities we live in.

Ready to cuddle your way to authentic connections?

Let’s make magic happen!

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May 25
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Free – $45


Thrive on Health
730 Brookline Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15226 United States
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(412) 714-6620
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Consensual Non-Monogamy Pittsburgh
Cuddle Pittsburgh