Pittsburgh LGBTQ Coalition

Pittsburgh LGBTQ Coalition

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States


The Pgh LGBTQ+ Coalition is an advocacy group with a vision to develop outreach strategies and educational programs. While also empowering LGBTQ+ Individuals to become economic self-reliant and be emboldened by their civil rights.


Pittsburgh Pride which is the third largest special event in Pittsburgh. It is the most important event to our community. For the past 13 years the Delta Foundation has been producing Pittsburgh Pride and have failed to provide diversity and inclusion to Black members of the LGBTQ community. On 8/24/20 Marsha P Johnson’s birthday the PGH L G B T Q+ Coalition and TransYOUniting gave Pittsburgh Pride back to the people. We now have increased the conversations about the BLACK LGBTQ community and how we move forward so that people can be included and be their authentic selves and be proud of who they are and celebrate who they LOVE.

The return to June for Pittsburgh Pride 2021 also brings Pride back to the internationally recognized month of celebration for the LGBTQ+ Community. We are celebrating Marsha P Johnson for igniting the revolution that we are celebrating today. Pride is our way of showing our love and that we stand together as a community.  

We can’t wait to celebrate all of our community at Pittsburgh Pride 2021. Further details about entertainment, vendor registration, and for the first time, how Pittsburgh Pride 2021 will directly benefit the community are to come. All those interested in participating at Pittsburgh Pride 2021 may register their interest at at the link below.